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Our Story

The Quarry Mill

Est. 2006

Gills Rock Limestone Patio ColumnsThe Quarry Mill started in 2006 as a modest business, owning and operating one quarry out of a small garage with just two employees. In the years since we opened shop, we’ve completed thousands of projects, both commercial and residential. Our natural stone veneer can be found in a variety of places, from home exteriors, pillars, fireplaces, and wine cellars to bars/restaurants, corporate offices, sports complexes, and colleges.

See, we think the Flintstones were doing it right all along—what doesn’t look better in natural stone veneer?

So when can we move in? We hope that’s not too forward. It’s just that we intend to treat your home like it’s our own. We use the same picky precision and intolerance for imperfection that we’d use in the stonework for our own homes.

You want to make your dreams a reality. We want to help. Give us a call and let’s build something amazing.