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If you have questions, we have answers.


  1. What is natural stone veneer?

    Natural stone veneer is natural building stone sawed to a depth of approximately one inch. It is sometimes referred to as thin veneer or thincut stone.  On the left is a natural stone veneer corner, in the center a natural stone veneer flat and on the right a piece of full bed depth building stone.  As you can see they will look exactly the same once installed.


    Thin Veneer vs Full Veneer Stone

  2. How big is a sample board?

    The board itself is 12″x14″ and each is professionally made to show the range of colors and textures of the natural stone veneer.

  3. Free Shipping?

    That’s right.  With a minimum of a 500 square foot order and standard access, we offer FREE curbside delivery to the lower 48 states.  Orders under 500 square feet can be placed by phone and are subject to a shipping fee.

  4. Do you price match?

    Yes, just provide us with the formal quote from another company and we will present you with our pricing on our comparable stone.  For a more detailed explanation please see our blog post: Price Matching and Guarantees.

  5. Do I have purchase the stone in specific increments?

    The 50 foot increments are the most cost effective way to package and ship the stone.  If these increments do not work for your order please call us to place the order.  This is subject to an up-charge depending on the order size.

  6. How is the natural stone veneer delivered?

    The stone will be delivered and the pallets unloaded curbside at your residence or job site for the lower 48 states at no additional charge.  The trucking company will call you in advance to schedule a delivery appointment.

  7. How is the stone packaged?

    The natural stone veneer is neatly stacked on pallets then shrink wrapped or wire meshed and ready for transit. Standard pallets contain 100 square feet of flats or 50 linear of corners.

  8. Do you have a dealer in my area?

    Our natural stone veneers are only available through our online store.

  9. Are these stone veneer panels?

    No, they are all individual pieces of natural stone intended to be installed by a professional masonry contractor.

  10. Do I need a footer/brick ledge?

    No, the natural stone veneer adheres directly to the wall and is supported by the wall itself.  Any structurally sound wall can have natural stone veneer applied to it.

  11. How long does it take to receive an order?

    Most orders take two-four weeks from the time the order is placed to the time the stone is delivered.  Should there be any reason the order cannot be completed in that time we will inform you.

  12. What is your return policy?

    The Quarry Mill has a 30 day return policy for unused materials. The material must be returned in the same condition it was delivered in. Most of our natural stone veneers are produced with set ratios of different size stones to ensure a nice pattern can be achieved, should this be altered, the product will not be eligible for return. Returned products or canceled orders are subject to an applicable restocking and/or canceled shipment fee.

  13. Do you ship to Canada?

    Yes, please contact us for a custom quote.

  14. Do I have to pay sales tax?

    Only Wisconsin residents have to pay sales tax. Wisconsin contractors can provide a tax exemption number.

  15. What is an ashlar pattern?

    An ashlar pattern uses rectangular stones of varying heights to achieve uniform horizontal and vertical lines.

  16. How much should I allow for breakage, waste and cuts?

    Typically, professionals will order an additional 10% of material to allow for cutting and flexibility to achieve a desired look.

  17. Can I blend more than one natural stone veneer?

    Yes, feel free to make your own custom creation.  Some stones will blend together better than others, give us a call to help.

  18. Can I get all stones of the exact same color?

    Not really, the stone will always have some color variance as it is a natural product.

  19. Is there a minimum order?

    We try to keep the 200 square feet for flats and 50 linear feet for corners minimum.  We understand there are times where smaller amounts are needed.  Additional shipping/handling fees will be assessed on smaller orders.  Please call us for a custom quote.

  20. Can I buy as a homeowner?

    Of course.

  21. Is it necessary to seal natural stone veneer?

    Although not necessary, sealing the stone can help bring out the color and protect the stone.

  22. Where does the stone come from?

    We quarry stone at multiple sites throughout the Midwest with our home base in Wisconsin.  A few of the ledgestones also come from Europe.

  23. Can your natural stone veneer be used in cold climates?

    Yes, all of our natural stone veneers can be installed in cold climates without any issues as we only quarry high density low water absorption stone. A mortar joint must be used on exterior applications with a freeze/thaw cycle.

  24. Is this real stone and how durable is it?

    Yes, we only carry real stone. Natural stone veneer is very durable as it has been in nature for thousands of years and will retain its color and strength.

  25. Do you sell matching landscape stone?

    Yes, we have landscape stone options to match all of our natural stone veneers.

  26. Do you sell full bed depth building stone?

    Yes, almost all of our natural stone veneers are also available as full bed depth building stone.